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A Christmas Wish
From The Gable's Raccoon World

As we celebrate the holidays, I wish you and all those dear to you joy, peace and love at Christmas and always.

More than fortune or material things,
I wish you good health and life's simple pleasures ...
be it the smile of a friend, the laughter of a child,
the gentle purr of a cat, or the wagging tail of a dog.

Deeper than any one religion,
the true meaning of Christmas lies in the miracle of life,
together with faith and hope and, most of all, love.

I wish all people realize during this special time that the miracle of life extends far beyond our solitary existence. That all God's creatures, great and small, tame and wild, have the right to their lives also. That these creatures feel pain and fear and hunger and love. That they are part of the circle of life and are no less a miracle than you or me.

I wish all humans realize that this planet is only on loan to us from the generations yet to come. I wish those generations the opportunity to see in the wild whales, pandas, tigers, wolves, and all the animals of this earth whose very existence is tettering on the brink of extinction today. I wish those generations clean sparkling rivers, clear blue skies and rainforests teeming with life.

The miracle of Christmas is all around us every day of the year. It is the miracle of life and hope and love.

If each of us would just reach out to another living thing in need - a hurt or frightened child, a hungry or lonely adult, an unwanted or abused animal, an endangered or orphaned wildlife - then the miracle of Christmas will become alive in our hearts and in our deeds, each day throughout the world.

Blessings at Christmas
and throughout
the New Year 




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