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While I make every attempt to respond to all e-mail as soon as possible, for emergency situations guests are urged to check the Wildlife Rehab Directory list of rehabbers by state at to locate a rehabber nearest them. Even if they can't or you don't wish for them to take the raccoon, perhaps you can make a contact with someone who can be available to help you over the phone or by immediate email response.

You will find a nice group of people who rehab or feed wild raccoons or who share their homes with raccoons on the newsgroup news:alt.animals.raccoons as well as on the email group (with one "c") They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you other viewpoints or tips. Another good site to visit is

In addition, The Gable's Raccoon World offers quick Emergency Rescue Help as well as Rehab Info & Tips, Raccoon FAQs and much, much more!

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