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And now for the 20th century's contribution to legalese - THE DISCLAIMER:

Anything hereinbefore or hereinafter to the contrary notwithstanding, we are neither medical doctors nor veterinarians and do not practice medicine or give medical advice. We are not zoologists or biologists. We are licensed rehabbers through and with a wildlife rescue group comprised of all volunteers. This website is our, not their, own personal undertaking. Any suggestions presented here are NOT intended as medical or technical advice and is the result of our own experiences or information gathered from various sources, veterinarian experiences, autobiographies of raccoons we have known, and personal opinions formed from these experiences and information. It is NOT intended to take the place of medical, veterinary or professional consultation or common sense. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. Dry clean only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information (or any spelling errors not found by spell-check). This information is being posted in good faith, as a public service, with no commercial interruptions, in cinemascope, with the belief that people will gain useful knowledge and benefit from it. No warrantees or guarantees are implied or expressed, no refunds or exchanges without original dated sales receipt and applicable shipping and handling fees, and The Gable's Raccoon World and this author shall not be liable or responsible for anyone relying upon the contents hereof, or anyone hereof contented upon lying (for shame). Printed on recycled bytes. Any additions or corrections to the information contained here is most welcomed.

Remember when a handshake and a person's word were all that one needed? (sigh)

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Main Home page of Gable's RACCOON WORLD - provides site content overview and navigation