Furry Friend of Eve





"With maturity came a subdued gentleness (in between 'deviltry' hour) and Taz is a good companion and loves his life, everything is a fun, frolicking adventure and he has no cares except where to stash his toys. Taz is one of a kind and I am a lucky 'mom'."

As much as Eve loves Taz, she knows that not all raccoons are as docile and gentle, and would hate people to think they make good pets all the time. "Raccoons are not meant to be pets." So I join with Eve in urging everyone to call a rehabber if they find a baby raccoon. As Eve says, "it takes many hours too of devotion to help them be part of a family as Taz is- cageless and content."

I would add that, whenever possible, a raccoon belongs in the wild but some raccoons (like Taz) simply cannot be returned to the wild. Still, it takes a tremendous amount of work, patience and love on the part of the human companion sharing his or her house with a raccoon. If you have a raccoon that cannot be returned to the wild, make sure you know what you are in for before you decide to take it into your home. If you intend to keep it in a cage, find another home for it. 

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