Furry Friends of John White

The Fox and the Coon


Coons don't always like foxes around feeders, sometimes try to bluff away. 
No fights, though.  In the first pix, above, the fox was checking out the feeder. 
In the second shot, the coon came over to investigate.  While that particular shot 
looks friendly, the coon's attitude when ambling over was rather territorial. 


If I'm not imagining things, I'm learning to read coon body language and gestures
to some degree.  In the third shot fxcun2, the coon is asserting itself over the fox, taking a definitely dominant posture.  As you can see, the fox has decided that discretion is definitely the greater part of valor. 

The fourth shot, fxcun3, sort of speaks for itself.  If I were to put a caption on this
last one, it would say something like, "Oh, yeah?  Well, your mama wears combat boots!"  The fox may have had something even less flattering in mind. 

April 27, 1999

In watching the coons and foxes, the situation is usually a standoff.  However, the foxes always yield to coons that adopt an overtly dominant/aggressive posture.  Wise on their part; I think a fox would fare very poorly in a spat with a coon that outweighs it considerably.


Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures with us John! 

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