Furry Friends of John White

"Sneaky Sam"


 Meet Sneaky Sam.  In the first picture, he is "sharing" with Spooky.  Sometimes Spooky's share is rather small.  I gave Sneaky Sam that name, because he is both comical and deceptive.  When he comes to share Spooky's kitty food, he tries to pretend he isn't taking any of it.  He looks straight at me, and reaches out to the side and sneaks a few crumbs without ever taking his eyes off me.  And his expression is "Who, me??  I didn't take anything."  I have a photo somewhere of him doing this.  Also, sometimes he sort of strokes Spooky with his hand.

As you can see in the second photo, Sneaky Sam is rather friendly.  I
have another that shows this even more, but the one here shows how lanky
he/she is.  Sam is easily distinguished from the other regulars.

In the third photo, you can see just how sneaky Sam is.  These photos
were all taken in the same session.  Not too long after I took the first
photo, Spooky came to look for more food.  Sam had sneaked it all.  Sam
can eat a lot faster than Spooky.  In fact, Sam almost inhales it.  As
usual, I gave Spooky more food.  But I put it in the hallway next to the
wheelbarrow (also close to the tack room door).  Thinking that Sam would
eat 'coon food with the rest of them.

Wrong.  Sam somehow noticed there was food by the wheelbarrow, and sneaked under to get it.  I don't know how he has that figured out, but he seems to know the kitty food isn't really for him.  One could soon spend burkew bucks buying kitty food for the coons.  Fifty lb. of dog food per week is enough, already!  So Sneaky Sam knows he/she is a sneak!  But that kitty food is just too good.  Shy Annie also occasionally snatches some of the kitty food, but she prefers the dog food, as do the rest.

Sneaky Sam comes to the tack room door looking for me if I'm not really
fast getting the chow out at night.  Occasionally, Sam comes for breakfast.  That doesn't work out too well.  Shy Annie doesn't care much for Sneaky Sam.

(June 5, 1999)

For Judy at the Gable:  As you can see, Spooky and the coons still
associate.  Shy Annie is still with us, and isn't at all bashful about
coming out during the day.  It seems like all the babies are hanging
around this year, even though all but Shy Annie's two have been kicked
out of the nest.

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