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All of the images contained in this coloring book are Copyright © 2009 The Gable.
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Click on small pictures to view larger ones.

After you have printed out the large picture,
press   to come back here
and select another picture.
If you find a happy face  raccoon, click on it.
It means you have discovered a hidden surprise page!

Make sure your printer is turned on and has paper.
CLICK on a small picture below to see the big picture.
Click FILE and PRINT. Any problems, see HELP below.

You can use some of the pictures to make
a greeting card or email the page to a friend.
There are pictures for Mothers' Day,
Easter and Valentine's Day.  Use your
imagination to turn the snowman or fireplace
scene into a Christmas, Hanukkah or other
winter holiday card! 



Find out some fun facts about raccoons.
Can you name some of the things
raccoons like to eat?

Who will be your valentine?
Color and give this to him or her
on Valentine's Day or any day.

What is wrong with this picture?

Raccoons love trees - especially
trees with nuts or berries to eat!

Can you draw some more easter eggs
for Missy Raccoon to find?

"Aw Ma, not another bath"

Raccoons don't like baths but
they do like to play and fish in water.

Did you find any hidden
pages yet?  Keep looking
for the happy raccoon face!


Just hanging around and having fun.
That is what raccoons like best!

Mommy Raccoon with her new little baby. 
Can you give baby a name?

Raccoon has something to eat.
Where do you think he found it?

Baby raccoon likes to nap by the fire.
Baby is getting bigger.
Did you give baby a name yet?

Three cheers for the RACs!

This raccoon is all wet -
and doesn't mind a bit!


The pictures are sized large for screen resolution printing.
Each picture should fit on and fill an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet.
Depending upon your printer, you may have to
set it to FIT TO PAGE or print only 1st page.
If you would like to save any picture to print out later
(or maybe to color or play with in a computer art program), you
may need to resize the picture.  You can download the entire
collection of coloring pages, already reduced for printer
resolution size, by clicking on the happy disk below.

Download all 15 pages of the coloring  book pages in PDF file.


See some children's finished artwork
and how to submit yours for display.


 All of the images contained in this coloring book are Copyright © 2009 The Gable. All Rights Reserved. They are provided for your private and personal enjoyment only. Except for PERSONAL non-commercial off-web use, they are not to be used without the express permission of The Gable.

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