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This site mainly deals with our volunteer wildlife rescue work and raccoon experiences. It is constantly being expanded and has been given a new look and organized to help you find your way. There is a lot to see and do at The Gable's Raccoon World so you might wish to Bookmark this site now (Netscape users can press Ctrl+D), before you get lost in the nearly 18 megs of pages and pictures.

We would like to share some of our most special raccoon experiences with you and provide you with some invaluable resources, tips and links. Don't miss the heartwarming and humorous tales of Meeko, The 3 Babies, Tiki, Poko & Mandi and more! Check out my raccoon, wildlife and nature resources, tips and links, including extensive rehab and FAQs as well as in-depth rabies, distemper and roundworm info. Please read the ways you can help pets and wildlife and make a difference! And don't forget to sign my GUESTBOOK please. If you are looking for EMERGENCY RESCUE INFORMATION, bookmark this site and then click on !!!HELP!!!

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Raccoon Tales
While all of our raccoons were special to us, the rehabs in this section of stories and pictures represent a sampling of our more unique, as well as sometimes heartwarming and sometimes heartrendering, experiences.
Pictures & Graphics
The pages in this section are among our most popular. Dozens of pictures of raccoons we've rehabbed and released; pictures of raccoons submitted by the human friends fortunate enough to have known them; clip art, graphics & animations of raccoons for your website, as well as wallpaper and The Gable's Raccoons Screensaver for your desktop.
Raccoon Facts & Info
This section is overflowing with information: Emergency rescue - what to do and not to do; answers to frequently asked questions - including where raccoons live, what they eat, and loads of facts; raccoons as pets; feeding baby and adult raccoons; raising, rehabilitating and releasing raccoons; an in-depth look at raccoon skeleton and anatomy; and the top 10 myths or misconceptions about raccoons.
Raccoon Problems
Raccoons can be pests when their presence is not wanted. This section offers advice on how to humanely deal with unwanted masked intruders in your attic or chimney, under your porch or deck, in your garbage, yard or garden.
Diseases & Parasites
An overview and an in-depth look at three of the major health concerns in racoons: Rabies, Distemper and the Raccoon Roundworm
Fun Pages
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this section - you'll find lots of uses for my original Raccoons Coloring Book Pages while the Memory Match-up Game and Maze will test your wits. Play Raccoon Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer and check out the Magnifying Lens and more just for fun.
Links & Causes
Here you will find a list of other Raccoon sites on the web as well as some fantastic links and resources. This section also offers ways you can help pets and wildlife, a tribute to the victims and heroes of 9/11, and a Christmas Wish for all religions for every day of the year.
Awards & Rings
This section includes pages of the awards I and this site have been honored with as well as awards I've given to select sites and the webrings of which I am proud to be a member, including the great RingTail Ring.
Contact & Feedback
Sign my guestbook, read my guestbook, how to link to my site, send me email, find out more about me, and more coming soon.
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