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This section is still somewhat incomplete and the pages are being updated. I will also be adding a page on how to become a rehabber. The goal of wildlife rehab is always to rehabilitate and release back into the wild whatever the animal. Not all rescues are successful. Either way, it is very emotional. The first few hours are crucial because the animals may be injured, dehydrated or near starvation.

Some of our other rescues have included gopher tortoises, a great heron, flying squirrels, chimney swifts, bunnies and fox. We administer emergency care and turn over any non-raccoons or foxes to other volunteers in our group. As a precaution, those in our group who care for raccoons or foxes have all received pre-exposure rabies vaccinations, courtesy of a very special vet who started this group and donates his care for all of the critters. May God bless him for his wonderful work.

There are some who say people should not rescue wildlife, that we should "let Nature take its' course". That may be fine if that were allowed. But man has changed the course of nature. Speeding cars, pollution, deforestation and environmental devastations mandate that we come to the aid of the wildlife that are victims of human's destructive nature.

We must also not look the other way at animal abuse. It has been horribly proven that animal abuse leads to human abuse. And we cannot stop the latter if we ignore the former. This is not a legacy we want to pass down to our children. Abuse of any living thing should never be tolerated.

Other Raccoon Sites
Updated and divided from my Raccoon, Wildlife & Nature Links, this page links to great stories, pics and tips from other raccoon rehabbers, owners and friends.

Raccoon, Wildlife & Nature Links
Resources for laymen and rehabbers, solutions to pest problems, & more. Great stories, pics and tips from other raccoon rehabbers, owners and friends.Beautiful tributes to this planet and all its creatures.

Raccoons as Pets
Why people should not have a raccoons for a pet

Ways You Can Help Pets and Wildlife
. . . You can make a difference in the life of an animal
This page shows you how through some simple advice and links

My Christmas Wish - for everyday
This is a message that is not for any one religion.
It is a wish for every day of the year.
With the added wishes I've received from some special friends.

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