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Raccoons: Dealing with
Pest Problems

As raccoons find their natural environment shrinking daily, their interaction with humans increases. They have adapted to sharing their environment with humans. When they take up residence in your home, destroy your garden, or rummage through your trash cans remember that they are just looking for food or a place to live - they don't deserve to be killed for such actions. Education and compassion is the key to co-existence with raccoons. There are ways to prevent raccoons from being pests without exterminating them. The pages below offer some tips on dealing with common raccoon problems. In addition, make sure you read my pages on raccoon Diseases and Parasites.

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HELP! Raccoons in my Chimney
Expanded from my FAQ page, gives pointers on what to do

HELP! Raccoons in my Attic
Expanded from my FAQ page, also includes what to do if the
masked marauders make a home under your porch or deck

HELP! Raccoons in my Garbage
Expanded from my FAQ page, offers more help in humanely
preventing masked bandits from raiding your trash cans, composter or dumpster.

HELP! Raccoons in my Yard/Garden
Being expanded from my FAQ page, will offer more help in discouraging
the ringtailed rascals from wrecking your yard, garden or pond.

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