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Raccoon Tales

Many raccoons have passed through our world, and our hearts,
during our years of doing wildlife rehab. While they were
all special to us, the tales below are of some raccoons that
were a little extra-special or their more unique stories.


Share in our heartwarming
first raccoon experience

- a little, toothless furball
that fit in your hand.

The 3 Babies

Three tiny one week old raccoons
- 3 times the trouble, 3 times the love.
Meet Cassie, Sassie and Whizzer.



A brave baby raccoon
- in a fight for her life.

Poko and Mandi

Can two pampered "pets"
be successfully "hacked out"

Calvin, Hobbes & Broomhilda

Sometimes being the little runt
has big advantages

Want more stories and pictures? You might enjoy checking out
Raccoon Pictures - it has photographs of my rehabs, as well as pics of
furry friends and graphics for your website.

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