Furry Friends of Chris Christensen



Chubby is one of the surviving Five Orphans.  And apparently the most talented.  She sent me this email back on October 8, 1999

"I had to sneak in "Dad's" office and borrow his computer to send you this update.  My brother and sister, Pistol and Pandemonium are doing fine in the wild and come to visit me in the house every night. My sister Panda got run over by a car and I got my rear foot broken in the same accident. It took me two days to crawl home, so "Dad" is letting me stay in the house until i heal up. My foot is a little crooked but i am back to running and climbing again. I feel safer sleeping in my house in the kitchen cabinet during the day and playing with the outside coonies at night. I have 26 friends to choose from.  Hope "Dad" got the translation right.

Non pet Cubby"

In case you have any doubts Cubby typed this, see below.

In addition to his computing abilities, Cubby is apparently
an excellent fisherman, er,  fisherwoman, er, fisherraccoon

"Cubby Chew" checking the dental work on a 15lb ling cod.



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