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Pics from Furry Friends

The following images are the exclusive property of their respective owners.
All Rights Reserved by such owners. Used by permission only.
If you email me any furry friend pics of any animal friend of yours
(doesn't have to be a raccoon), for possible use on this page,
please let me know how you would like the credit, caption or notes to read.

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From Barry Brown:
The Kids (identical twins!),
Sandy and her kit,
Standy son of Sandy, more!
Page updated 8/23/99
From John White:
Shy Annie's babies and
some other furry visitors
including Spooky the cat
that thinks it's a raccoon!

More from Barry:
The new kits on the block ~
the raccoons bounce back
page added 10/06/99
More from John:
The Fox and the Coon ~
fascinating photo sequence
taken at John's feeder
page added 6/27/99
From Chris Christensen:
"Paws" and friends
More from John:
Sneaky Sam ~
the cat kibble thief
page added 6/27/99
More from Chris:
Five Orphaned Babies
page added 6/27/99

More from John:
JR ~ A favorite of John's
(aren't they all )
page added 10/05/99
More from Chris:
The Babies in Action!
More from John:
Mrs. Throckmorton & more!
page added 10/05/99
More from Chris:
Clipear the daylight raccoon
page added 6/27/99
From Kimberly Justice: Bubbles,
the Albino raccoon!
More from Chris:
Tyson ~ friend of Paws
page added 6/27/99
From Maureen:
Pooh Bear
a now released rehab
More from Chris:
The very talented Cubby
From Paula and Ian:
a pampered houseguest
More from Chris:
Phizgig, Ratso, Jaws &
From Sandy Chapman:
A rehabber's work of art!
From Sue P.:
Zorro ~ a very special
Santa's little helper
JellyBean, GummyBear & more!
From Eve:
Taz the raccoon,
Sally the dog that thinks
she is a raccoon, and
Taz's awesome website!
From Teresa:
Scream and Pewee ~
faces that melt your heart!
page added 6/27/99
From J and N:
Tooney ~ don't miss these
beautiful pictures!
page added 7/10/99
From Thomas P:
Meet Hollow and Ringo ~
the Berooz Brothers!
From Jackie Jones:
Rocky and Sheba ~
you've got to see this!
page added 6/27/99
From Yumiko Kaida:
Meet Magenta and
visit her website!
From James Daniel:
Miss Yo and JD ~
two fine specimens!
From You? :
Do you have a special furry
friend? Email their pic ~
they might wind up with
their own special page!

All rights reserved by the respective owners of these photographs.
Used by permission only.

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