Merit Awards Page

I am accepting nominations for my Excellent Site Award of Merit
for sites that help to serve nature, animals and wildlife through education and
fostering of respect for this planet and all its creatures.
And you can nominate your own site for my Favorite Site Award
for excellence in web page design in creating sites
that are interesting, informative or just plain fun!
See these pages for info on criteria and nomination.
I will also humbly accept any awards you feel this site may deserve and
will post merit awards (such as animal rights, animal welfare, ecology and
environmental awards) on this page and other awards (such as web page design,
animal site and favorite site awards) on my Other Awards Won page.

On behalf of Meeko, Cassie, Sassie, Whizzer, Tiki
and all the little critters of the world,
I would like to thank the following wonderful
sites for their prestigious awards:

Great Cause Award
For a Great Cause Award 4/28/99 - Brat's Treasure
"This award is in recognition that you and your site stand behind a great cause.
It is recognized that you are doing your part in helping."

Thank you for this beautiful award and honor!
Check out Brat's Treasure deeply moving and beautiful site!

Taz Award Graphic (11 Kb)
Taz Award 1/8/99 - Tazzmaynia!
I would like to thank Eve, Taz and webmaster Jon
for selecting my site as the very first ever recipient of
the brand-new (and quite prestigious!) TAZ animal-friendly website award.
"Yours is truly the premier raccoon site anywhere on the web." Coming from
Tazzmaynia, makes this even more of a cherished honor,
for it is truly the razzamatazziest raccoon site anywhere on the web!

Best Animal Site Award
Best Animal Site of the Month Award - April 1998
The Animals' Hope Petition Team
Thank you Melanie. I am truly honored by this award presented
for my exposing and fighting the animal abuse of the St. Jude's Coon Hunt
but deeply saddened that the need for such an expose` even exists.
Thank you even more Melanie for all the wonderful work
that you and the Petition Team are doing for all animals.

Rare Breed Award
Rare Breed Award 3/16/98 - The Tiger's Den
I would like to thank Debbie for honoring me
with this beautiful and special award.

Better Place Award
Better Place Award 3/06/98 (12/13/97)
Safe Haven for Cats
"I am sending out this award to only very certain people - those who truly demonstrate
a caring for animals - I know your a Raccoon page and this is
specifically for cats but I do hope you'll accept it."

I am very proud to accept this award from a wonderful lady
who is doing so much to help feral cats and all animals. Thank you Jer.

Golden Paw Award
Golden Paw Award 3/02/98 - WindWood Acres
Thank you Breeze for this honor
"awarded to sites that help prevent animal abuse, help save animals lives, and for the rescue of animals."

Calli's Hero Award
Calli's Hero Award 2/21/98 - MJArtisan's Eclectic Homepage
I am honored to receive this award
"given to people who not only love animals,
but also do something to improve their lives..
.people who are soldiers in the war against abuse..."
from a member of the Petition Team. Thank you Melanie.

Keeper of the Stars
2/19/98 and 2/18/98 from Diabella Loves Cats.
Thank you Diane for honoring me with both these awards
and for your care and love for all the animals.
Handsome's Award

Site with Heart Award
Site with Heart Award 1/24/98
The Meditative Cat
Thank you CatAnna for this special award for"sites like yours and people like you, people who care about all the precious non-human beings who share this planet with us." Check out CatAnna's beautiful and caring site.
Sparra's Ecology Award
Sparra's Ecology Award 1/13/98
Sparra's Nest
Thank you Ray. Visit his wonderful and extensive pictorial site on the animals and ecology of Tasmania, Australia.
Charmin's Pet Page Award
Animal Ally Award 1/12/98
Charmin's Pet Page
I am honored to receive this award for"your website's obvious concern for the welfare of our fur-friends: feline, canine... ALL!!" from the creator of a wonderful Eskie dog and animal rights site. Thank you Diane.

Committee's Decision Award

Committee's Decision Award 12/15/97
One Spirit, One Heart-The Animal Connection
This "award is for sites that bestow respect, honor, dignity and consideration towards animals. Sites that work diligently toward creating a harmonious atmosphere for animals and those sites that work diligently in exposing harsh, unjust or dangerous condition for animals." Thank you for this honor Mary Lynn, and for the wonderful work you are doing with animal/holistic healing.

Keepers of the Heart Award
Keepers of the Heart Award 12/06/97
The Circle of Life
I am deeply honored to receive this award "for people who will do whatever they must for those that cannot speak, and for those who have to rely on us for protection" from someone so caring and dedicated to saving this earth for all its inhabitants. Thank you Lorraine.
Animal Protection Award
Animal Protection Award 11/18/97
Paws R Us
I am truly humbled to receive this award for my "dedication to the protection and welfare of all animals" from the wonderful person who inspired my Ways You Can Help Pets and Wildlife page by her dedication to animals. Thank you Jan.

One Voice Award
One Voice for the Animals Award 11/17/97
Pawprints and Paws
I am very honored to receive this award "given in love and appreciation" for my animal rights work from someone so special and so devoted to all animals.
Thank you Susie.
Palace in the Sun Award

Val's Palace in the Sun Award 10/28/97
A Place in the Sun
For making "a contribution to the Web by creating a place people can learn, a place that shows the positive power that human beings have in creating a better world. Yours is truly a palace in the Sun. The Gables touches a special place in my heart."
I am truly touched by this award. It is from the creator of a wonderful site who gave me, a stranger, hope and inspiration when I first started my site. The love and devotion Val has for life, in all its forms, is reflected in the beauty, love and devotion put into his site.
Thank you Val.

Someone Who Cares Award
Someone Who Cares Award 10/26/97
Debbie's Homepages
A Heartland Community Leader
Don't miss her wonderful animal page -
it will move you to tears!
Purrfect Cat Site
Purrfect Cat Site Award 10/10/97
Safe Haven for Cats
(Formerly Homeless Cat Network) A very caring site! Be part of the solution to the feral cat problems!
A Light in the Darkness Award

A Light in the Darkness Award 10/5/97
I am extremely honored and humbled at having received this award. I thank whoever nominated me and the seven member committee for their unanimous approval. I will strive to make this site worthy of this honor. I urge all animal lovers to visit their outstanding animal welfare and nature sites.

Humanity to Animals
Humanity to Animals - 9-10/?/97
BirdTalk Home Page
I was surprised to find my site on the winners list of this extensive pet bird site
No Cruelty to Animals Award
Joanie's No Cruelty to Animals Award 9/1/97
Joanie's Animal Pages
Terrific resources and links on animals and cruelty prevention
Wolfsong's World of Animals Website Award
Wolfsong's World of Animals Website Award 9/5/97
Beautiful and inspiring site for wolf, wildlife and nature lovers
Thanks from the Planet
Thanks from the Planet Award 8/8/97
Christy's Critter and Conservation Corner
Great organized collection of animal and nature links and more

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