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My Bio - by The Gable


Can't remember but sometime after the glaciers were formed.
Yep. Oh, mine? Female.
A long, long, L-O-N-G time.

Daughters 23 and 20, both married (one working toward her masters degree and the other toward her associates degree.)
Son and daughter-in-law in New York.
Two granddaughters. Hi SAMANTHA and SABRINA!
One grandson. Welcome to the world ROBERT THOMAS!

Warm, sunny Florida where it is ALWAYS a delightful 75 degrees (that's just to annoy the northerners - used to be one and hated the cold and ice and snow!) Florida's Nature Coast surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Hail from:
Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York.
Until I win the lottery.

Had some before computers and the Internet what were they??
A golden retriever, two cockatiels, and assorted "guests".
Other (our raccoon experiences):

Volunteer with local wildlife rescue group (credits to my 20 year old for getting whole family involved for the past six years). Volunteers usually wind up specializing as they become more experienced. Our specialty is raccoons. We would like to share some of our most special raccoon experiences with you and provide you with some invaluable resource links. So please take a few minutes to go back for a visit, or bookmark the site for later. Thanks.

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