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Following are thumbnail images of larger graphics which are hyper-linked to below. Some of the larger jpg graphics are full screen images which may be converted to bmp format for desktop wallpaper. If you need even bigger versions (say if you're a lucky devil with a 21" monitor) e-mail me. I have larger ones from the original scans. CLICK on the hyper-links to view the full sized images, then right-click and save them to your computer.

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King of the Hill - 87kb Baby Whizzer - how could you not love a face like this - 82kb Yikes, it's a big world out here! - 68kb
Hilda, Calvin & Hobbes - some 1998 rehabs - 41kb Time to chow down - 16kb Rub-a-dub-dub, here's 3 for the tub - 35kb
Poko & Mandy, pet raccoons rehabbed as older juveniles - 21kb Poko doesn't mind begging - 16kb The begger again - 22kb
Close up of Mandy, always the first to explore - 42kb Mandy & Poko - water fight! 11kb Poko, up close & personal - 45kb
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An artist working for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Robert Savannah, created the following pen and ink line drawings for use in Service publications. No approval from the Service is required before using these drawings but they do request that you include a credit line for Robert Savannah, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The thumbnails really don't do these great drawings justice. CLICK on the thumbnail pic to view the full sized image, then right-click and save them to your computer.

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