Raccoons, Nature & Wildlife Resources and Links

Raccoon and Wildlife Resources
For those wanting more information on raccoons
The World Wide Raccoon Web
is an excellent starting place!
The Net Vet - excellent animal and wildlife resources
with extensive links
The Electronic Zoo - ditto!
- invaluable resources with a link for:
Wildlife rehabbers by state
The Wild Ones - project of Wildlife Preservation Trust International
Wildlife Rehabilitation On-Line Directory - Nice site with FAQs, links by catorgories
Paw Prints Post - pet and wildlife sections
Raccoons - Facts & Fancies - quick info sheet
Wildlife - Raccoons - more quick info
Dr. Sue's Coon Facts - Fun Facts about Raccoons
Predator Defense Institute - Raccoons - Also check main site for other predators
Solving Raccoon Problems - Tips from Florida Dept. of Ag
Racoon Facts/Co-existing - Tips for raccoon encounters, problems (part of PAWS site)
Raccoon Problems - short info page with subpages for curing problems (chimney, etc.)
Squirrel Rehabilitation - Excellent squirrel rescue and rehab site, with other animal and wildlife links

Raccoons on the Web
Remo Raccoon - tips on having a pet raccoon
(something I am definitely AGAINST when it is preventable)- tips on RAISING BABY COONS
Damon's DenRaccoon Rehabilitation Tribute, greats pics and Fantastic Raccoon SOUNDS pages!
Jon's Homepage - See Jon's wild raccoon friends, and ways for making life miserable for hunters and trappers. Includes FAQ page!
Jenn's Homepage Jon's wife, Jenn's site features The Feeding Station and more! Heed Jenn's advice and "Never Keep a Raccoon as a Pet"!
Royce Raccoon's Domain - Okay, so Royce doesn't live in the real world
- but there is less danger to him from "hoo-mans".
Check out his Best Things About Living in a Tree!
Tazzmaynia! - Terrific pictures and more!
Rosco Raccoon's Website - Great pics of Rosco from baby, through teen to adult!
Rocky & Rainer Raccoons Home - Cute pics, links and more!
Rocky Raccoon - a friendly neighbor of Tom and Donna
The story of Charlie - a sad tale of a needless death
Panic's Raccoon Page - Japanese site (in English) - pics & story of Magenta the raccoon
Whitecoon's Home Page - more pics of Bubbles the Albino raccoon!
Raccoon Adventures - Dan & Sheilli share pics, story and adventures of some special orphaned baby raccoons
Ted & Abe's Raccoons - fun page dedicated to some special "guests"!
Raccoonotter Homepage - Great pics of raccoons and otters!
Melissa's Raccoon's Realm - Lots of fun stuff and you can even adopt an animated raccoon.
Raccoons - Little text but TERRIFIC PICS
Sparky's Raccoon Land - Just one text page but contains info sheet on raising raccoons
Raccoon and the Crayfish - an Indian Tale
Mazaki's Raccoon Dog Site
- While not in the Procyonidae family but the Canidae, I was fascinated by these little wild raccoon dogs in Japan, with their dog-like paws and raccoon-like heads.
R.A.COON - Quality Raccoon Memorabilia via the Net - I love the Raccoon Crossing sign!
- Meet and greet your fellow raccoon lovers at this newsgroup! You'll have fun and learn a lot from the legitimate posts. Unfortunately, like all newsgroups, it suffers from spam. So to protect young children, I have made this a non-clickable link that you will have to copy into the URL location.

Above images are the property of their respective owners
and are used with permission.
Notice the individuality of these raccoons,
both in their appearance and their personalities.
Respect this and the fact that animals have rights too.

Other Beautiful Nature Sites
Wild and Free - a beautiful tribute!
The Circle of Life - Protecting the environment
Gaiea - for Mother Earth

Please take a minute to ign my guestbook,
let me know if you have any links to add or correct,
and, if you have an interesting story, share it with us.
You can also read some interesting stories from my guests.

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