The Gable's Favorite Site
Award Winners

The Gable's Favorite Site Award is presented for excellence in web page design to sites that are interesting, informative or just plain fun! They don't have to have animal or nature content, although several of the winning sites do (can't help it, I love all animals and beauty of this planet). The sites that are choosen must exhibit good use of web page design and not contain any broken images or links, obscenity, nudity or other "adult only" content.

Please visit these winning sites - maybe they will become favorites of yours too.

My warmest thanks to the winners who are helping to make the web such a wonderful place to surf.

Please do not link to this award. And do not download this award unless you have been notified that you are a winner. Winners are selected arbitrarily by me (sometimes with a little help from one of my furry friends), from sites I have surfed out on my own or from nominations. Unlike the Gable's Excellent Site Award of Merit, please feel free to nominate your own site if you have a good one. Nominations may be made by E-Mail. Please put "Favorite Site Nomination" in the subject line and the name and URL of the site in the message. They will be reviewed within a week and I will respond by e-mail if the site is selected.