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Raccoons: Facts & Info

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If you have found an orphaned or injured wild animal, before doing anything please read my page on:

!!HELP!! Emergency Rescue/Rehab Info
what to do (and NOT do!) when faced with orphaned or injured wildlife

and check the Wildlife Rehab Directory list of rehabbers by state to locate a rehabber nearest you.

Raccoon Rehab Info
Age determination - Feeding baby raccoons - Feeding juvenile raccoons - Potty training raccoons - raccoon roundworm - Housing young raccoons - Housing juvenile raccoons - Dealing with imprinting and other problems - Preparing a raccoon for release - and, coming soon, how to be a rehabber, links and more
Facts & FAQs
Description classification and characteristics - Raccoons as pets - Washing their food - Raccoons' hands, feet and tracks - Weight and lifespan - Habitat and dens - Dealing with raccoon problems in house or garbage - Mating and reproduction - Baby raccoons - Raccoon roundworm - Diet
Raccoons As Pets
Why you shouldn't have raccoons as pets (something I'm against), but what to expect if you do. Why you shouldn't get a raccoon from a breeder, but how to find one if you must. (Yes, there's a catch.)
Top 10 Raccoon Myths
Think you know raccoons? You might be surprised! Check out the top ten misconceptions about raccoons.
Raccoon Skeleton & Anatomy
Fantastic skeletal photos and a more in-depth look into the scientific classification, physical characteristics, dental and skull, and reproductive system of raccoons.

In addition to the pages offered above, check out's CARE OF SICK, INJURED OR ORPHANED RACCOONS and anyone coming into contact with raccoons, should be aware of the diseases (such as rabies) and parasites (like roundworm) they may harbor. These are covered in-depth in the DISEASES AND PARASITES pages.
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