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Appearing below are links to other raccoon sites on the web. Some are sites from people that rehab and return raccoons to the wild, others are sites that responsibly have contact with wild raccoons, and still others are sites that may be thought of as pet raccoon sites.

While I am against raccoons as pets whenever preventable, there are exceptions. Most of the "pet" raccoons in the sites listed below are raccoons who were rescued and nursed back to health by their human surrogate parents who never intentionally decided to have a pet raccoon. Not being rehabbers, these people found their raccoons became too deeply imprinted to be released back into the wild. And so, often at great personal sacrifice, they assumed the huge responsibility for that which they tamed and loved so dearly. These raccoons are not kept in cages and most have run of the house. These people don't consider their raccoon as a pet but as a companion - a very demanding companion. They acknowledge that a raccoon is not a pet like a cat or dog. It is still a wild animal. If you are considering a raccoon as a pet, you will find these people are the first to advise you of all the reasons you should not have one. For more information, please see my Raccoons as Pets page.

Tazzmaynia! (and Cridder too!)
Terrific pictures, Razzamatazz, info on pet raccoons, and more from a great site! Rescued by their human mom (a wonderful lady devoted to animal welfare), these guys decided to keep her as a pet. They rule with a sweet tooth!
Remo Raccoon
Great phots, cautions and tips on having a pet raccoon, raising baby coons, state regulations and more!
Damon's Den
Raccoon Rehabilitation Tribute, greats pics including color variations and Fantastic Raccoon SOUNDS pages!
Raccoon Photo Gallery
See pics of Jon's wild raccoon friends, raccoon facts, information with advice about raccoons as pets.
Masked Bandit
Jon's wife, Jenn's site features The Feeding Station, pics and more! Heed Jenn's advice and "Never Keep a Raccoon as a Pet"!
The Tina and Tobey Show
Rescued from horrid conditions in a dirty exotic pet store, this pair are only two of the many raccoons helped by the wonderful people at this site. Great pictures and stories about many of the raccoons they rehabbed and released.
Rikki Moses Raccoon
Neat pictures of Rikki, who was rescued as a baby when his den tree got cut down. Don't miss this site's hilarious "Raccoon Property Laws"!
Casey Coon's Home Page
Lots of fun pics of Casey and skunks and possums that have shared his home too. Love the music on these pages!
Rocky & Rainer Raccoons Home
Cute pics with even cuter captions, links and more at the web home of this pampered duo!
Raccoonotter Homepage
Great pics of raccoons and otters and a disclaimer to anyone considering a raccoon as a pet: "it's kind of like having a 1 1/2 to 2 year old child (with sharp teeth) who will never grow up. (Sleep or web-design, anyone?)."
Rascal's Retreat
Want to help these raccoon rehabbers? This site, with its neat pics and humorous text, offers sponsorship plans where you can be an "Aunt", "Uncle" or "Co-Foster Parent" to a needy raccoon being rehabbed for return to the wild.
Rocky's Story
This enjoyable site depicts our furry friends in their environment - the river bank!
Melissa's Raccoon's Realm
Lots of fun stuff and you can even adopt one of the many animated raccoons created by the 16 year old webmistress!
Whitecoon's Home Page
More pics of Bubbles the Albino raccoon!
Raccoon Adventures
Dan & Sheilli share pics, story and adventures of some special orphaned baby raccoons
Royce Raccoon's Domain
Okay, so Royce doesn't live in the real world - but there is less danger to him from "hoo-mans". Check out his Best Things About Living in a Tree!
Sarah's Raccoon Kingdom
This site features raccoon pictures, facts, drawings, links, and more.
Rocky Raccoon
A friendly neighbor of Tom and Donna
The story of Charlie
A sad tale of a needless death
Joey's Raccoon Domain
Raccoon photo, artwork and sound gallery, raccoon information and links.
Panic's Homepage
This lovely lady in Japan shares her raccoon photos and experiences.
Mazaki's Raccoon Dog Site
While not in the Procyonidae family but the Canidae, I was fascinated by these little wild raccoon dogs in Japan, with their dog-like paws and raccoon-like heads.
Collection of wild and pet raccoons photos, info pages, sound files and more.
Nipper and his best friends
Lots of original pics of rehab raccoons that were cared for and released back into the wild.
The World Wide Raccoon Web
While this site has not been updated in quite some time, you'll still find a ton of information, pictues and resources here. Putting Procyon Lotor online since 1994, this pioneer raccoon site remains one you don't want to miss!
A clickable list of 38 (and growing!) raccoon related sites that are members of the Ringtail Ring!
A place for people to exchange information on raccoons; rehabilitation, raising, observing, feeding and the like.
Meet and greet your fellow raccoon lovers at this newsgroup! Get quick help and answers to your questions! You'll have fun and learn a lot from the legitimate posts. Unfortunately, like all newsgroups, it suffers from spam. So to protect young children, I have made this a non-clickable link that you will have to copy into the URL location. Or you can check it out (sans most spam) at the online archive at Listz Raccoons Newsgroup

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Notice the individuality of these raccoons,
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Respect this and the fact that animals are God's creatures too.
No living creature should suffer from abuse.

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