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Raccoon and Wildlife Resources
For those wanting more information on raccoons
The World Wide Raccoon Web
is an excellent starting place!

While this site has not been updated in quite some time, you'll still find a ton of information, pictues and resources here. Putting Procyon Lotor online since 1994, this pioneer raccoon site remains one you don't want to miss!

The Net Vet - excellent animal and wildlife resources
with extensive links
The Electronic Zoo - ditto!
- invaluable resources with a link for:
Wildlife rehabbers by state
The Wild Ones - project of Wildlife Preservation Trust International
Wildlife Rehabilitation On-Line Directory - Nice site with FAQs, links by catorgories
Paw Prints Post - pet and wildlife sections
Raccoons - Facts & Fancies - quick info sheet
Wildlife - Raccoons - more quick info
Dr. Sue's Coon Facts - Fun Facts about Raccoons
Predator Defense Institute - Raccoons - Also check main site for other predators
Solving Raccoon Problems - Tips from Florida Dept. of Ag
Racoon Facts/Co-existing - Tips for raccoon encounters, problems (part of PAWS site)
Raccoon Problems - short info page with subpages for curing problems (chimney, etc.)
Squirrel Rehabilitation - Excellent squirrel rescue and rehab site, with other animal and wildlife links

Other Beautiful Nature Sites

Wild and Free - a beautiful tribute!
The Circle of Life - Protecting the environment
Gaiea - for Mother Earth


Other Raccoon Sites

Don't forget to check out my
Other Raccoon Sites
for links to great raccoon sites on the web with stories, pictures and tips from other raccoon rehabbers, owners and friends.

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